Soft Washing

 Soft Washing is a cleaning technique used by professional pressure washers for surfaces that are too fragile to handle the pressure used with standard pressure washing. Greco Pressure Washing uses True Soft Washing for roof cleaning to remove all stains and growth. This process is approved by the Roof Manufacturers Association. Soft Washing is also the correct cleaning method for cleaning Stucco, Dryvit and Siding that has a finish that is chalking. All of these surface can be cleaned safely through Soft Washing without hurting the finish. Some companies Soft Wash as thier only method of cleaning. This leaves them at a disadvantage since pressure is necessary to clean concrete properly, along with heat for gum and stain removal. Pressure is also necessary for wood cleaning. We operate by using the appropriate technique for each surface on every job. We always explain our approach for each service

during your free estimate and consultation.